Make it Make Cents Financial Plan Templates PRE-ORDER

Make it Make Cents Financial Plan Templates PRE-ORDER

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Your hobby or hustle isn’t a business until revenue is made. We all know how crucial financial planning and record keeping can be, especially when it comes to being prepared for a

  • business funding (loans, grants or competitions)
  • tax preparation and auditing
  • making key decisions about growth

... or when just being able to make sense of if your plan is working the way you expected it to.  PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY FOR ONLY $27 vs $47 .

It’s been said that “women lie, men lie numbers don’t lie!” So... let’s make sure your numbers are telling an accurate and complete story about your business operations.

In this resource we include templates and explanations for your all parts of a well thought out financial plan including:

1) The templates for the financials portion of your Formal business plan (Income statement, P/L statement, cash flow projection, balance sheet, break even analysis, start up costs, budget sheets for marketing, operation, etc.)

2) Funding Sources so you will know the traditional and non- traditional ways to find money to start, launch or scale your business.

3) Key Terms and Formulas because let’s face it, the only reason numbers seem frustrating or irritating is because you’re confused. So this includes that go-to flip through for you!

4) Daily Operations Templates to keep track of all of your business needs (expense tracker, petty cash reimbursements, payment account trackers)

5) The tax strategies listing tax deductible benefits that a lot of entrepreneurs overlook (business travel, most common deductions, home office expenses, etc.)

6) Pricing Strategies to ensure you make a profit and not just revenue after someone orders from your company.

PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY FOR ONLY $27 vs $47 . This is a digital resource and will be available March 20, 2021.