3 Month Ultimate Accelerator _ Action Taker Special Price

3 Month Ultimate Accelerator _ Action Taker Special Price

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If you want to enter the program that helps entrepreneurs reach their first $8,000 month.  THIS is it! AND it is currently on sale this week for only $497 vs $4997! 


What exactly is it?

3 month custom business consulting package is a results-oriented program that includes 12 sessions (normally weekly). EACH recorded session is approximately 2 hours. We cover foundational business topics including:

- business structuring and a professional build out. 

- creating your pricing structure(s),

- maximize your product offerings,

-market positioning,

-contractual proposals,

-business event creation,

- crafting your sales funnels

- online marketing strategy.

- making money without a website

- making money without a huge following 

- create relevant content that converts

- sell through your social media stories and dm

- price your products

- create your funnel

- build your link tree

- write your emails (templates)

- collaborate with influencers and promotion pages

- sales training to CLOSE deals

- tools and apps tutorials

- hashtag research and generation

- branding online and offline 

- weekly love training copies 

- bi-weekly insight sessions

- access to private network of entrepreneurs for support and growth tips


These 3 months include on-going communication, a private client folder, access to relevant courses, e-books and execution planners,  performance and implementation reviews and feedback from Beneficial Bae.  This customized consultation will be held online (or in-person if special arrangements have been discussed- an additional fee may be charged for this convenience based on locality). We get right down to business to ensure best usage of each 3 hours interaction.

The 3 Month Ultimate Accelerator is a ULTIMATE way to receive PRIVATE, One-on-One Consulting From Beneficial Bae.  Provided during each meeting is a concentrated, "down-to -business" explanation of business strategies and an execution plan to help you get your objectives accomplished. If you are unsure if this option is best for you, you may want to start with a 60 Minute "Can We Talk" Call to discuss your current hurdles and coaching options.

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