SUPER SALE! Hunger for More Broadcast Bundle

SUPER SALE! Hunger for More Broadcast Bundle

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Most People have a "Hunger for More" and as entrepreneur, it is imperative you are always cooking something up to ensure you and your Bae to eat!

Since cooking (well satisfying hunger) is such a vital aspect in any relationship, Beneficial Bae's invited everyone in to witness a fun spin on traditional cooking class.  This Broadcast Bundle is a replay of each topic pertaining to business broken down by Beneficial Bae's Business Strategist, Kita.  This Hunger for More Broadcast Bundle includes the webinar as well as the eight prep-series leading up to the "cooking class"...

Video Replays focus on...

-The Recipe for Success Webinar (Over 3 Hours of detailed explanations)

  • Preheating the oven: Business Start Up Basics such as professional contact information as well how, when & where to get you EIN, D-U-N-S number and filing your business in your state.
  • Ensuring your tools are available:  System, Tools & Automation and a  detailed explanation of which apps are needed and their associated costs.
  • Get Cooking: Brand Development and Management including targeting, consistency in visuals and messaging.
  • Everyone Eats: Sales Conversion Activities and how to quantify your business metrics and actually measure your success.
  • Put Your Foot In It: Customer Experience ensuring the consumers return and brag about your offering

-The Prep Work Series (Over 10 hours of Instagram Live Replays On)

  • Part 1 of 7: Getting In The Mood to Cook - 7 Step Process to Execute a Mindset Shift for Success
  • Part 2 of 7: Can't Cook In A Dirty Kitchen - How to Declutter Your Business
  • Part 3 of 7: Meal Prep- Multiple Streams of Income and How to Diversify Your Offerings 
  • Bonus Video: Menu Planning - The 7 Step Process to Creating a Product or Service
  • Part 4 of 7: Increasing Their Appetite - How to Create Marketing Content that Converts
  • Part 5 of 7: All The Right Ingredients - Apps for Quick Cash Conversions
  • Part 6 of 7: Make Sure You Eat Too - Outlining KPIs or Key Performance Indicators for your Success
  • Part 7 of 7: Why They Don't Bite - 7 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How to Fix It

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