Meet Markita "Kita" Eddy

 Hey! I’m Kita!

My clients are those that like to be showed rather than told, so I’m not the biggest cheerleader for “About Pages” or “Bios”. We may not know each just yet though, so here it is in a nutshell…

My name is Markita Eddy. I have a thing for helping other businesses win and I’m the secret weapon for entrepreneurs who want to be Married to the Game!  I am the Founder of a DOPE results-oriented Business Consulting Firm, Beneficial Bae.  In literal terms, we offer USEFUL Business Assistance for Entrepreneurs.  To further explain, Beneficial Bae is a LIT solutions- based business consulting firm for determined entrepreneurs who are ready to transform their gifts, knowledge and potential into a profitable micro-enterprise. We simplify boring or confusing business essentials by relating them to healthy relationship topics.  Giving our signature KISS (Keep It Simple Solutions), our clients receive easy-to-understand, actionable strategies to implement and not just advice ad inspiration.  Beneficial Bae deviates from traditional business training by cultivating a fun, flirty and factual experience helping small business hopefuls cultivate a LOVE for the growth processes in their business including starting, launching or scaling. 

For over 15 years, I have formally assisted in the conception and cultivation of micro-enterprises.  I entered the work force early through a non-profit organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with professional development, funding and capital and financial literacy.  I graduated Valedictorian of my HBCU, Morris Brown College [ HEY  BROWNITES! ] with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Afterwards, I navigated career opportunities with large corporations including the federal government enhancing my process and supply chain management skills.  As a serial entrepreneur, I have experienced starting and building profitable businesses first hand.  During my tenure in commercial real estate management, I had the pleasure of managing a sophisticated, lakefront high rise. I refined and perfected the art of customer acquisition, luxury experience and customer retention.  Now, I secure contracts and provide training in a relatable way to provide non-traditional corporate trainings and solutions that are easy to understand and implement.   


Basically, we all know healthy relationship components. So I give an amazing twist to learning and break down business concepts and strategies in a way that's fun flirty, and factual!  I craft my signature KISS (Keep It Simple Solutions) in the form of templates, e-books, courses and coaching.


So if you're ready to get out of your feelings and into your bag, like I did...

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