Meet Markita "Kita" Eddy

 Hey! I’m Kita!

My clients are those that like to be showed rather than told, so I’m not the biggest cheerleader for “About Pages” or “Bios”. We may not know each just yet though, so here it is in a nutshell…

My name is Markita Eddy. I have a thing for helping other businesses win and I’m the secret weapon for entrepreneurs who want to be Married to the Game!  I am the Founder of a LIT results-oriented Business Consultancy, Beneficial Bae.

I graduated Valedictorian of my HBCU, Morris Brown College [ HEY  BROWNITES! ] with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Afterwards I started a few businesses… all while being in some interesting relationships. Full transparency, I had horrible relationship experiences and THAT MAN BROKE ME DOWN!  All of my accolades and even common sense went out of the window. It did not help at all that I was struggling to decide if I wanted to focus on being either a good mom/ lady of the house or a super fly business woman.  Whew! I was stressed, depressed and most of the time- looked a HOT MESS!  I was too focused on anger and resentment toward that man, that I couldn't focus on anything significant for myself.  Then I had my "Ah-ha" moment...  I started to redefine what I knew about Love and Business and vowed to create that for myself!  All the time I spent mad at him, I should have been mad at me!  I knew that I knew better and that I was better (not necessarily better than him, but for sure better than the situation)! 

So, I had my little Beyonce' Lemonade moments.  Then, I bounced back harder than Mystikal!  I resolved that a good relationship should be approached like a good business. Mind you, if I don’t know anything else, I know business! My relationship flourished and so did my businesses. I knew so many people who got stuck in business or never really started properly and they gave up.  Just like me, they found a way to stay in broken relationships though.  So I flipped that “thang” because I’m a real one that will put us all in a position to eat! 

I now help entrepreneurs "keep that same energy" about relationships and break down business concepts and strategies in a way that's fun flirty, and factual!  I craft my signature KISS (Keep It Simple Solutions) in the form of templates, e-books, courses and coaching.


So if you're ready to get out of your feelings and into your bag, like I did...

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