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Sometimes you just need individualized time with me and I get that! Click here to decide how much time you’re willing to invest for your future!

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Enjoy the Beneficial Bae teaching style and ready to get all the gems to build your business yourself. Click here for videos and bundled courses that teach you how to elevate your business.

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Do you need a quick breakdown or easy template to follow for your business growth and development? See what we have to offer that will help on your success journey.

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Balling on a Budget?! It’s like that sometimes. Here is where you can find ways to have quick wins and dividends in your business. The easiest way to work with Beneficial Bae is to start your transformation for free! I'm sure you'll be back.

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Goaled & Black

Our brand is a reflection of us... “goaled” (aspirational) and Black (African-American). Check out some of our “couple’s fit” ideas so you can represent us in style.

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Beneficial Bae has had the pleasure of being featured on some awesome podcasts, articles and events. Click here to see where we may have been introduced.

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