Beneficial Bae One on One with Markita Eddy

3 Month Intimate Intensive_ ONE ON ONE Coaching

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 This is an EXTREME 3 Month - Weekly 2 Hour business strategy Session  with Beneficial Bae where you and I will get LASER FOCUSED on One MAIN subject, barrier, or project. This session is recorded, you are sent the recording and any notes, workflows and materials. You will fill out a questionnaire, so that I can get THOROUGHLY familiar with your business AND do some research and planning prior to our meeting.  Afterwards, you and I will meet online (or in-person if special arrangements have been discussed- an additional fee may be charge for this convenience based on locality). We get right down to business to ensure best usage of the 2 full hours- weekly.

The 3 Month - WEEKLY 2 Hour Intimate Intensive is a HUGE way to have PRIVATE, One-on-One Coaching From Beneficial Bae.  Provided during the meeting is a concentrated, "down-to -business" explanation of business strategies and an execution plan to help you get your objectives accomplished. If you are unsure if this option is best for you, you may want to start with a 60 Minute "Can We Talk" Call discuss to your current hurdles and coaching options. 

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